Our Approach

Cost-Effective Projections

At Kenning Homes, asides the principal partners’ involvement in every project, our work ethics centers on our faith-based values of honesty, character and integrity, coupled with our most cost-effective projections, has allowed KH to pass on invaluable savings to our Clients.

Organize Priorities

We respond to the specific program of needs and uses with an open-ended approach that help to define first ‘what’ to do, then decide ‘how’ to do it


We demonstrate how ‘off-the-shelf’ component parts, standard industrial systems and composite structures can be carefully selected, modified, combined and controlled to meet the particular building and occupant needs.


We present simple plans respecting human needs, senses/comforts, particularly respecting old/new combinations.

Within Budget

We integrate materials and technology in design appropriate to the owners’ aspirations regarding long life, serviceability, construction, operation and cost constraints.

The Big Picture

We appreciate tradition, historical models, popular culture, climate, daylight environmental issues, building technology and total building performance to further influence the form and meaning of architecture.


Planning Issues and Site Development are approached in such a way to consolidate urban fabric and form to better utilize the land and municipal servicing, effective public transportation networks, mixed land-use policies and successes.