About Us

World Class Design

KENNING HOMES LIMITED (KH) is an independent business concern established and incorporated in 2004. Since its inception, its primary goal has been to provide the best possible Architectural Services to all its clients, with excellence and speed. Some of the services offered include, Design, Planning, Interiors, Project Management, Project Development, Construction and Landscaping.
In pursuance of its goals, Kenning Homes has developed a business concept that is designed to help steam-line its activities and maintain the focus that is necessary for the actualization of these objectives while simultaneously satisfying clients and maximizing profits. Being fully aware of the need for decent habitats, KH has created a niche for itself especially in the areas of design, renovation, redecoration and finishing of existing buildings. It has also carved out for itself a modest but impressive amount of business in turnkey projects and building construction in and outside Lagos. Having successfully completed hundreds of standard and unique medium-sized projects, KH is effectively geared to serve you from concept to completion.
At Kenning Homes, asides the principal partners’ involvement in every project, our work ethics centers on our faith-based values of honesty, character and integrity, coupled with our most cost-effective projections, has allowed KH to pass on invaluable savings to our Clients. Furthermore, with our unique contemporary styles and designs, we intend to win the confidence of our target market, thus becoming their preferred Architects, Designers and Builders!

Increasingly, the need for a trustworthy relationship between our target market and the non-professional providers of services similar to those we offer has birthed the desire to fill a niche and provide execution of building projects with honesty and integrity.

Our designs and structures are a testimonial of the value we pass to our Clients and end-users as we bring to the table, quality products, durability, affordability, accessibility and timely delivery.